It’s always interesting to know what was responsible for pawn shops.  Is a pawn shop something that has always been around, or was it just invented? When visiting a pawn shop’s website, like Majorpawn, this is something that some tend to wonder, but they never really get the chance to look it up. So, today, we are here to tell you about the history nesting behind those pawn shops we see in almost every town.
How Old are Pawn Shops?
pawnWould you believe us if we told you 3000 years old? That’s right, pawn broking dates back 3,000 years ago and they originated in China. It was originally operated by the Buddhist monasteries, who would loan money to peasants in return for simple possessions. At this time, both interests rates and the time period of the loan were a bit more forgiving, as they would allow up to three years for repayment at an interest rate as low as 3%.
The Symbol and Operations
The symbol for pawn shops in China early on was the shape of a bat holding a coin below it, and that is the same as it is today.    In the West, pawn broking was also operating throughout Ancient Greece and The Roman Empire. In the Middle Ages pawn broking had begun to intrigue a new wealthier clientele with “Lombard Banking,” providing loans to Kings and Queens for such things as funding wars, financing voyages, and even castle renovations. In 1338, King Edward III was forced to pawn his jewels in order to fund the English army to go to war against France's financially backed and military resourced army in the“Hundred Years War.” Although French forces were far superior in many ways, they were stopped and King John of France was forced to accept a treaty. However, his son Charles V was able to reclaim most of the territory lost to the English. In 1415, King Henry V also pawned his crown and jewels to renew the war and conquer Normandy.
First Pawn Brokers
pawnThe Lombards were the first known pawnbrokers in England, and by providing such loans to kings and queens their reach grew throughout the territory. The Lombards were enterprising traders and merchants from Milan and Lombardy, provinces of Italy. They later became known as bankers, money-changers, moneylenders, and of course pawnbrokers. The symbol used by the Lombards were three golden circles hung outside the houses of pawn and was very important as most in those days were illiterate. This later morphed into three golden spheres. This symbol is said to have numerous important meanings. One meaning was that it represented the three sacks of gold St. Christopher (the patron of pawn broking) gave to a peasant to save his three daughters from prostitution. Another is a joke by used by local pawn shop owners, “2 to 1 odds, you won't get your stuff back.” This symbol is still in use today.
Isn’t it hard to believe that pawn shops have been around for over 3,000 years? When you look at places like, this is something you would have never guessed.
t shirt designAre you thinking of designing t-shirts for your business? If so, it is important to be informed on the dos and don’ts of printing t-shirts. Violating trademark or copyright lawswhen creating your designs can lead you to legal issues resultinginfines and penalties. This includes the use of images, photos, quotes, names and logos belonging to other companies or individuals. Therefore, before you start designing your t-shirts, research the specific guidelines that will protect you from infringement. Here are some of the things that you should never print in your t-shirt.  
  1. Trademarks, logos and names of Companies

When you are designing your t-shirts, make sure that you don’t use anyone’s trademark or company name. If you are putting names of companies on your t-shirt or logos similar to their design, make sure you get their consent. On the other hand, create designs and logos that are truly yours to avoid the hefty fine and penalties that come with trademark infringement. Although creating an original design can be overwhelming, you can keep troubles at bay if you come up with a unique design for your t-shirt.
  1. Uncalled for Dates

You should not put dates on your t-shirt especially if you are planning to sell them after the event. It is also unnecessary to place dates if the brand you are representing is less than 10 years. However, you can put a date on your shirt during events, but ensure that you print the year rather than the date or month.
  1. Photos and Artwork of Celebrities

Any image of a celebrity captured or drawn should not be printed in t-shirts. Using anyone’s picture without their authorisation is illegal and could get you in trouble. Basically, this is a violation of their rights, and they could sue you for attaining profit from it.
  1. Logo and Names of Sports Team or Universities

Do not print Images or any intellectual property belonging to sports teams, clubs and/ universities or colleges. Issues such as fines and penalties may arise when you print these images on your t-shirt. You should also not use their logos without permission.
  1. Music Lyrics

It is a copyright violation to use someone else’s lyrics without their permission. Similarly, any intellectual property of musical groups or artists such as pictures, logos and names should not be printed as t-shirt design. Just because you love the lyrics, it does not give you the right to include it in your shirt.
  1. Quotes and Phrases from Media Sources

It is not a good practice to print quotes, saying or phrases from books, movies, famous individuals, televisions, web content or painting. Although there are lines you like and would be great for your t-shirt, you risk getting sued for copyright violation. It is therefore best to come up with your own saying that does not depict the work of another. Conversely, famous quotes, phrases or saying could be used as long as you credit them accordingly by including the source of the person’s name with it.
  1. Famous Images of National Symbols, Flags and Political Figures

Pictures of these things are protected, and they could get you in trouble if printed on your t-shirt. However, if the images are not famous, you could use them since they are not protected by trademark or copyright. Similarly, parody of famous individuals can be used as long as it is not too offensive.
  1. Viral Videos, Pictures or Memes

You could land in a great trouble by using images or videos that are downloaded from the internet in your t-shirt design. Similarly, memes created from another person’s image can be a problem, and you may be sued for copyright infringement. However, you can get the pictures from sites that provide photos for commercial purposesand get written permission from the original owner. This is a safe way to use the memes and downloaded videos on your t-shirt designs.


Before you print any designs on your t-shirts, make sure you understand the legal aspects, so you will not be sued for trademark or copyright infringement. It is best practice not to use other peoples work or sayings in your designs; rather, create an original design. There are guidelines that you need to follow when designing t-shirts for your business to lower your risk of violating someone else’s rights. Do extensive research or consult an attorney for more information.  
Motivational-SpeakerWe’re often asked what a motivational speaker really is. Well, he’s someone who speaks in front of an audience with the purpose of motivation. The motivation factor may include influencing these people to act on something such as donation and registration on a club or business venture. Alternatively, the theme may mean to change for the better such as self-improvement. The ultimate objective is to inspire the audience to view things differently and to develop a keen sense with their abilities and talents. Usually, the speaker is an expert on the subject. For some, motivational speaking is a career while other people consider it as a vocation. A good example of a motivational or inspirational speaker is a pastor speaking in front of his congregation, preaching them to spread the good news about the Almighty God. Another example is a person who speaks in front of a graduating class. This person may be the guest speaker or the valedictorian.However, the most common example is a seminar or training courses where a person talks in front of an audience. Usually, this audience bought a ticket to attend.
What makes a motivational speaker effective?
The ultimate goal is to influence people in a profound way appealing to the emotional and mental state. The majority of people tend to focus on problems and forget that they have the capacities to overcome these challenges. Using a persuasive speech, the speaker does the best to encourage the people to let go of their worries and think of ways to use their abilities. However, before influencing other people, the speaker needs to undergo a lot of planning and practicing. Though a speaker needs charisma to inspire other people, an effective motivational speaking also depends on how the speech is planned and delivered. Even if the speaker has the ability to inspire people but does not have the capacity to deliver a motivational speech effectively, the speech is useless. It will not make its mark.
Thus, what makes a motivational speaker effective?
First, speakers practice their speech before facing their audience. Practicing does not make them perfect, actually far from it, but definitely, it enhances their weaknesses and improves their strengths in public speaking. To achieve this goal, they have a mentor who helps them in preparing their speech. No matter how good they are, a mentor reminds and gives them an objective assessment of their public speaking skills. Second, inspirational speakers consider motivational speaking as a vocation, instead of a moneymaking career. A vocation requires a special commitment. That special commitment is to change a person's life. If that commitment ceases and when speakers think nothing but the money they get from speaking in front of people, they stop trying to reach out to their audience. As a result, they lose their effectiveness as inspirational speakers. Third, motivational speaking requires a careful planning. Good speakers take the time to know who their audience is. They create a speech based on what their audience needs. They know how to deliver a good motivational speech without appearing that they rehearsed it a million times.
What topics does a motivational speaker discuss?
Motivational SpeakerDepending on the event theme, a speaker may discuss personal and career development, topics related to business improvements, youth mentoring and community enhancement. The most common topic that a speaker discusses in motivational speaking is personal and career development. However, despite being easy and common, it is also one of the hardest to deliver.   The speaker has to make a speech that really helps people to change and solve their personal and career dilemmas. A speaker has to discuss new ways on how to become a better person at home or at work. Not a rehash of information the audience can read on the internet or hear from a friend. If this happens, the audience feels cheated. We believe that a motivational speaker’s main goal is to influence people to change for the better. The speaker needs to understand the art of public speaking to become good at encouraging people. Aside from careful planning, a speaker has to develop an appeal to a specific audience in order to influence these people. However, in public speaking, a speaker has to remember two facts. One or two people will always feel as if the speech is the most amazing advice they heard while a lot will always feel that they have wasted precious time listening to a common speech.
Motivational speakers primary objective is to impact individuals to improve. The speaker needs to understand the art of public speaking to become good at encouraging people. For more information contact here
It is always best for everyone if you can prepare your own funeral in advance. Your family will be grateful for the convenience of not having to deal with costly funeral and can focus on grieving instead of searching for the best funeral home to prepare you for the wake and burial. It may seem not normal to others to prepare for one’s funeral in advance but in practical sense, it is a must. It will also avoid unexpected expenses from the survivors who will be sourcing out funds just to give the most affordable funeral services for their deceased loved one. FUNERAL Planning a funeral in advance is important if you consider the rising costs of everything that is related to death. If the present prevailing cost is around $8,000 for full funeral services, then imagine how much it will cost your loved ones after ten to twenty years. There is no perfect time to prepare but now. If you want an elegant and perfect way to leave the world when the time comes, start investing for pre-need plans for you and your loved ones’ funeral. Do not neglect this major event in your life. It is cheaper to invest now that experienced stress when it comes. You can never tell when it will happen. Do not fool yourself by telling that you do not need it. Because when the reality of death occurs, the inconvenience of being unprepared is stressful for the surviving family. So, if you want to have a stress-free funeral in the future, be wise and consider the following tips:
1. Study your choices
There are family-owned funeral homes that are actually operating for a corporation which has acquired its ownership but retain previous owners to operate the business. Funeral corporations usually charge 30-40% higher rates than local business owners.
2. Compare the prices
The industry law governing funeral homes require them to provide General Price List to potential clients. The list must include all the products and services they offer and the costs. Ask for a copy so you can study and compare it with others. You can also avail of their cost-saving service packages which is more convenient. Just check if the services or products fit your preferences. You can also make preferences and ask for the package cost for what you have selected. Do not make instant decisions, double check every detail before signing any prepaid funeral services.
3. You can also choose to include funeral services cost in your life insurance.
It is cheaper than directly buying a funeral plan from funeral homes. This clause in your life plan insurance will help your survivors plan your funeral without the stress of thinking where to get the fund.
4. You can also have the option to use casket from local retailers.
FUNERALIf you do not want to include the product in your funeral plan with the service providers.They are required to allow their clients to use preferred casket purchased from other shops. They are also prohibited to charge extra cost of handling fee when the family use outside caskets for their deceased loved one.
5. Consult the whole family about your decision
It is better for the whole family to decide on this future but major decision. Clear and unanimous decision necessary if the cost of paying in advance or monthly payments can affect the family budget. Explain to them why you are preparing for the future. Decide on the amount you can spare to materialize your plan. Stick to the budget that you can afford then start getting funeral plans for you and your loved ones.  

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Pawn Shop Did you ever think about pawning your gold? This is something that you may have heard about, but never indulged in selling or pawning. If you are looking at getting money for items that you have, then you may want to look into what you can do with a pawn shop today. You don’t need to have amazing items either. Sometimes just pieces and broken elements could help you get top dollar. To further explore this, you may want to consider a few notes in regard to how you can get paid for items that you have in your home.
The Gold Standard
The major reason why you will want to look into this option is because gold is a standard that is not going away. It has been gaining in value, but now it’s plateaued. That means that it could drop one day, and you could lose out on the value of your items. Gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals are great, but the option that sells the most around the world is gold. If you have anything in your home that is solid, and you don’t use it, you may want to look into pawning things right now. If you’re going to look around at options online, you’ll find that it’s easier to work with than any other solutions. Pawn shops are opening up websites to help people get rid of the things that they don’t want, don’t use or simply aren’t really working with. Think about that for a moment. Millions of people are literally letting dust collect on their gold, and that’s not a good thing, because it could garner a great deal of success.
Use Gold To Fund Your Dreams
Do you want to go on a trip? Do you want to visit someplace you’ve never been before? There’s a lot of different options that you will want to explore, and at the end of the day it costs money. Financial matters are important to fund your dreams, and you can do this if you have gold pieces and more. In fact, you may find that you can easily garner a trip of your dreams by simply selling jewelry that you aren’t using at all. Pawn Seriously, think about what your precious metals are doing. If you are not wearing them, if you are not using the items, then they are no doubt collecting dust. Collecting dust is not a good thing, as it is not going to help you at all. But if you sell things to a good pawn solution, you could get cash in hand. You can then use that money to fund anything you’d like. Pay bills, fund your dreams, and get moving forward with simplicity overall.
Should You Sell Your Gold?
Perhaps you should sell things. This is a good thing to pursue if you’d like. Think about whether you have items in your home that you use or don’t. If you don’t use things, then you should open up your drawer and sell things outright. Pawn solutions are going to help you gain the upper hand. They will help you make money, and get moving forward with whatever you’d like. Pawning your items can help you get a loan, but if you don’t want a loan, you can get money outright and use that for just about everything. It’s simply a great option that is appealing for those that aren’t using the gold that you have today. Test this out once, and see why selling gold is an advantageous thing to work with. Even if you haven’t done it before, test it out once, and you’ll end up with a stack of cash, no doubt.
Golf ShoesIt is common knowledge in the world of golf that there are tournaments wherein a player doesn’t need to wear golf shoes. Usual shoes will do, but the trouble with such shoes is that they won’t be able to give the player the right grip on the ground. The golf footwear can ensure the player that he or she will be able to get the right footing whenever he or she makes a swing. It might be true that there are tournaments that don’t require shoes for golf to be worn, but a player will surely have more advantage if he or she will wear a pair of golf footwear.
In Search of the Perfect Balance
Spiked shoes for golf have wider soles than regular athletic shoes. The shoe base is also larger than those of any regular shoes. Golfers need balance while making their swing and the wider foot base can give them that. Athletes who need to run fast and act swiftly do not need a broader foot base; they need slimmer ones so they can move as fast as they want. Golf is not a game of speed, but it requires great sense of balance.
The Call for Stability
Imagine a golfer trying to play a game of golf wearing slippers – it does not only look ridiculous, but it also makes the golfer’s stance unstable. The same goes with wearing ordinary shoes that do not provide a good foothold for the golfer. The golf shoes, whether spikeless or with spikes, can give the proper balance and footing to the golfer as he or she makes his or her swing. The shoe for playing golf usually has built-in stabilizers along the bends to keep the foot from shifting to either side, making it easy to stay in place while swinging. The spiked shoes have plastic or metal spikes underneath while the spikeless have stubs or nubs underneath. Both spikes and stubs hold the golf footwear firm to the ground.
Flexible Shoes
The golf battlefield does not always offer favorable ground. Sometimes it can be unforgiving. It could be rolling, hilly, or irregular. The funny thing about it is that the more unpredictable the ground gets, the more challenging and more fun the game goes. There are times when a golfer comes face to face with a situation where he or she needs to swing on a burdensome slope and the shoes must be flexible so that it’d be possible to deliver a mind blowing swing. He or she will not find the situation so annoying while wearing the right golf shoes. Other sports, where the athletes need to run most of the time, call for a pair of shoes that will be able to hold the athlete’s ankle and foot in the same spot all throughout the game. In golf, the player needs his or her shoes to be a bit flexible so he or she can deliver a successful swing.
Comfort Everywhere
Golf-shoesThe game of golf requires the player to stand for a long time and walk miles and miles while the game is in progress. Wearing a random pair of shoes which is not built for such a task will eventually make the player feel ill at ease and awfully more tired than he or she should. It could make him or her lose his or her game in the end, all because of wearing the wrong pair of shoes. Golf shoes are named as such because they are built to deliver the task assigned to them with success. They are the only ones that can give the utmost comfort, the flexibility, stability, and balance that the golf player needs everywhere and anytime while playing the game. Is it really important to wear the golf footwear in every game? What do you think?  
Author Bio
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For businesses, getting the best search engine optimization services matter. Whether it’s for an upcoming campaign or higher rankings on search engines, companies count on the power of SEO. Obviously though, not all search optimization firms are good enough to provide everything their clients need. So, the question now is, “What are the characteristics of a good SEO company?” You’ll discover the answer to that simply by reading on.
  • It has reasonable rates. What’s the typical cost of an SEO service per hour? The average charge is $75 per hour. Is it reasonable enough or a bit expensive? Imagine a computer expert who has a base-level experience that charges $40 to $80 per hour just for removing viruses on a computer. Internet marketing and SEO is different from doing basic chores. As a matter of fact, it’s a difficult and extremely tedious work that involves constant Finding the Right SEO Serviceschange. The $75 per hour rate can be easily justified but according to a search engine optimization services think-tank, the suggested average rate for these services is $200 per hour. For this reason, the $75 hourly rate is already considered as a reasonable and affordable price for this work type.
Most SEO companies offer their services for at least $750 a month. In this case, a business should be wary about SEO companies that offer services for the price of only $250 a month. That rate won’t get the business too far plus, that kind of affordability is only used to deceive businesses for the sake of generating sales.
  • It offers realistic promises. Be careful with SEO companies that offer guaranteed first page results. Their SEO services do not guarantee results for keyword searches unless the owner of a business has a friend who is currently working for Yahoo, Bing, or Google. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if they promise to give guaranteed first page results because SEO is difficult to do and is in constant change.
  • It provides regular reports. It’s essential that SEO companies submit an accomplishment report for all the work they’ve done. There are a lot of SEO firms that don’t provide reports regularly. Typically, a good SEO firm provides baseline reports that compare the current rankings of a business to its baseline rankings. That way, clients can easily see the results, particularly the progress of their business and that of the SEO firm’s work. If the firm is trying to find excuses not to provide reports, there’s a high chance that it doesn’t have something good to submit. Keep in mind that a trustworthy company will always provide clear reports on a regular basis.
It’s also important to keep in constant communication with the SEO firm. Apart from submitting reports, they are also expected to deal with the day-to-day changes and discuss those with the clients in order to do the necessary adjustments. Once again, if an SEO company is fond of making excuses in communicating, it’s about time to look for another one.
  • It should have a simple and transparent contract. It’s pointless to spend long hours making a contract that’s full of legalities. Ideally, these firms must provide a contract that’s only two pages long and contains contain a simple outline of the services they promise to render. A simple and straightforward contract is better than one that has a lot of terms and conditions.
  • It should have in-house SEO professionals. One thing that should be established between the client and the SEO firm is a working relationship. It is essential because the SEO firm must know what the clients want and what’s really best for them. That way, the SEO firm is giving the clients a clear advantage over their competitors. If there are SEO firms that have no in-house experts, they’re probably not that capable of achieving your most important optimization milestones! Trustworthy companies that offer SEO services have experts that can be contacted without hassle.
white hat techniques
  • It should rely on white hat techniques in performing SEO. Legitimate SEO companies also do legitimate SEO techniques in promoting a particular business online. Check the SEO company if they are performing spammy techniques for their SEO service. Most of the time, these companies provide website lists that they’ve worked on. From there, a business can easily identify if the SEO firm is really trustworthy or not. If the works look spammy, that is a clear sign that the firm is not doing things right.
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AnimalIt is amazing how different animals roam the earth, each having a distinct feature from the others. Some animals can walk with two feet, others with four. Some animals can fly up in the sky while some can crawl on the land and are even able to burrow in it. They may be different from each other, but their individual capabilities all contribute to the natural cycle of the ecosystem. Being natural beings, animals are not exemptions to having specific needs. They also have necessities, like food, water and shelter to raise their young. All of these needs were naturally given by the wild, the jungles and Mother Nature. However, man has destroyed and continues to destroy these naturally given gifts for the animals and they can’t do anything about it.

A lot of animals are forced to leave their homes because of man’s greedy projects with the construction of buildings and other establishments in areas that are meant to be the home of these animals. Birds are forced to migrate, wild animals are forced into extinction and some animals sometimes become lost in man’s territory because they have nowhere else to go. Man continues to industrialize every piece of land that he gets his hands on without thinking of its consequences. Animals suffer for the developments that man creates for himself and this is unfair for the animals because we are the ones who should protect them, too.

Although there are several organizations that fight to protect the wild and everything that inhabits it, these corporate giants still manage to obtain the necessary papers and permits to cut down trees and build on protected forest reserves and the like. These organizations have little or no strength against these people who use money to build and create more money at the expense of our little friends who just wish to live a peaceful life in the wild.

animal-kingAnother consequence of this is that if we keep driving them away from their homes, not much will be left with them and most of them will have no choice but to live with us, and this could be harmful. Some animals are not meant to live with human beings and this may cause injury if dangerous animals happen to wander off or get lost in a city street, a subdivision or a playground and this is not new information for us. All throughout the years, there were already countless reports about this type of incidents. Snakes have gotten caught living in dark garages in people’s homes. Crocodiles have been seen wandering off to vacation houses built beside the lake. Lions have entered the ranch of someone who built it near the wild. It is not simply hurting these animals, but also exposing ourselves to injury.

It is one thing that animals are driven out of their homes and natural habitats, but what’s worse is that they are being hunted and eaten, sold, made into clothing or just merely hunted to put them on display. And no, this does not mean being displayed in a zoo and taken care of. Animals are getting hunted and killed for the sake of a hobby. Hunters pay to hunt animals up to the extent that they are already extinct. These hunters even go home proud knowing that they had the guts, equipment and money to hunt helpless animals.

Aside from that, there are a lot more that are happening around us. Baby sharks are caught for their sharks’ fin and are not given the chance to grow up into their expected size. Lions and leopards are hunted for their skin to produce expensive carpet. Crocodiles and snakes are stripped off their skins to make bags and wallets. Monkeys, multi-colored fishes and wild birds are kept as pets, thereby preventing them from breeding in their natural habitats.

It will only take a matter of time until we lose our resources and every living thing that inhabits them. When this happens, we too, will lose our homes, food, shelter and our humanity. Without the animals, the ecosystem will not go through its natural cycle, causing drastic changes in our lifestyles.

These are things that need to stop and we need to do everything in our power to make things better for our animal friends. It is our duty to take care of not only our natural resource, but also those who live in them. We should start the change within ourselves. It is the simplest way to start a campaign for Mother Nature and all of her children in the wild. It is something we owe her.

After starting with ourselves, we can start sharing our ideas to other people and inform and recruit them into the bandwagon. This is possible by simply sharing stories in the internet or going out of our way and creating blogs and websites that are not that difficult to access.

The internet is something that everyone has access to and it is the easiest way to reach people. We just need the right words to express our thoughts because we are already fighting for the right cause. We owe our animal friends the protection of what is left of their homes after our similar human beings have stripped them of it. Change is inevitable and it is a continuous cycle, so it is highly recommended that we start the change to save what is left.