AnimalIt is amazing how different animals roam the earth, each having a distinct feature from the others. Some animals can walk with two feet, others with four. Some animals can fly up in the sky while some can crawl on the land and are even able to burrow in it. They may be different from each other, but their individual capabilities all contribute to the natural cycle of the ecosystem. Being natural beings, animals are not exemptions to having specific needs. They also have necessities, like food, water and shelter to raise their young. All of these needs were naturally given by the wild, the jungles and Mother Nature. However, man has destroyed and continues to destroy these naturally given gifts for the animals and they can’t do anything about it.

A lot of animals are forced to leave their homes because of man’s greedy projects with the construction of buildings and other establishments in areas that are meant to be the home of these animals. Birds are forced to migrate, wild animals are forced into extinction and some animals sometimes become lost in man’s territory because they have nowhere else to go. Man continues to industrialize every piece of land that he gets his hands on without thinking of its consequences. Animals suffer for the developments that man creates for himself and this is unfair for the animals because we are the ones who should protect them, too.

Although there are several organizations that fight to protect the wild and everything that inhabits it, these corporate giants still manage to obtain the necessary papers and permits to cut down trees and build on protected forest reserves and the like. These organizations have little or no strength against these people who use money to build and create more money at the expense of our little friends who just wish to live a peaceful life in the wild.

animal-kingAnother consequence of this is that if we keep driving them away from their homes, not much will be left with them and most of them will have no choice but to live with us, and this could be harmful. Some animals are not meant to live with human beings and this may cause injury if dangerous animals happen to wander off or get lost in a city street, a subdivision or a playground and this is not new information for us. All throughout the years, there were already countless reports about this type of incidents. Snakes have gotten caught living in dark garages in people’s homes. Crocodiles have been seen wandering off to vacation houses built beside the lake. Lions have entered the ranch of someone who built it near the wild. It is not simply hurting these animals, but also exposing ourselves to injury.

It is one thing that animals are driven out of their homes and natural habitats, but what’s worse is that they are being hunted and eaten, sold, made into clothing or just merely hunted to put them on display. And no, this does not mean being displayed in a zoo and taken care of. Animals are getting hunted and killed for the sake of a hobby. Hunters pay to hunt animals up to the extent that they are already extinct. These hunters even go home proud knowing that they had the guts, equipment and money to hunt helpless animals.

Aside from that, there are a lot more that are happening around us. Baby sharks are caught for their sharks’ fin and are not given the chance to grow up into their expected size. Lions and leopards are hunted for their skin to produce expensive carpet. Crocodiles and snakes are stripped off their skins to make bags and wallets. Monkeys, multi-colored fishes and wild birds are kept as pets, thereby preventing them from breeding in their natural habitats.

It will only take a matter of time until we lose our resources and every living thing that inhabits them. When this happens, we too, will lose our homes, food, shelter and our humanity. Without the animals, the ecosystem will not go through its natural cycle, causing drastic changes in our lifestyles.

These are things that need to stop and we need to do everything in our power to make things better for our animal friends. It is our duty to take care of not only our natural resource, but also those who live in them. We should start the change within ourselves. It is the simplest way to start a campaign for Mother Nature and all of her children in the wild. It is something we owe her.

After starting with ourselves, we can start sharing our ideas to other people and inform and recruit them into the bandwagon. This is possible by simply sharing stories in the internet or going out of our way and creating blogs and websites that are not that difficult to access.

The internet is something that everyone has access to and it is the easiest way to reach people. We just need the right words to express our thoughts because we are already fighting for the right cause. We owe our animal friends the protection of what is left of their homes after our similar human beings have stripped them of it. Change is inevitable and it is a continuous cycle, so it is highly recommended that we start the change to save what is left.