For businesses, getting the best search engine optimization services matter. Whether it’s for an upcoming campaign or higher rankings on search engines, companies count on the power of SEO. Obviously though, not all search optimization firms are good enough to provide everything their clients need. So, the question now is, “What are the characteristics of a good SEO company?” You’ll discover the answer to that simply by reading on.
  • It has reasonable rates. What’s the typical cost of an SEO service per hour? The average charge is $75 per hour. Is it reasonable enough or a bit expensive? Imagine a computer expert who has a base-level experience that charges $40 to $80 per hour just for removing viruses on a computer. Internet marketing and SEO is different from doing basic chores. As a matter of fact, it’s a difficult and extremely tedious work that involves constant Finding the Right SEO Serviceschange. The $75 per hour rate can be easily justified but according to a search engine optimization services think-tank, the suggested average rate for these services is $200 per hour. For this reason, the $75 hourly rate is already considered as a reasonable and affordable price for this work type.
Most SEO companies offer their services for at least $750 a month. In this case, a business should be wary about SEO companies that offer services for the price of only $250 a month. That rate won’t get the business too far plus, that kind of affordability is only used to deceive businesses for the sake of generating sales.
  • It offers realistic promises. Be careful with SEO companies that offer guaranteed first page results. Their SEO services do not guarantee results for keyword searches unless the owner of a business has a friend who is currently working for Yahoo, Bing, or Google. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if they promise to give guaranteed first page results because SEO is difficult to do and is in constant change.
  • It provides regular reports. It’s essential that SEO companies submit an accomplishment report for all the work they’ve done. There are a lot of SEO firms that don’t provide reports regularly. Typically, a good SEO firm provides baseline reports that compare the current rankings of a business to its baseline rankings. That way, clients can easily see the results, particularly the progress of their business and that of the SEO firm’s work. If the firm is trying to find excuses not to provide reports, there’s a high chance that it doesn’t have something good to submit. Keep in mind that a trustworthy company will always provide clear reports on a regular basis.
It’s also important to keep in constant communication with the SEO firm. Apart from submitting reports, they are also expected to deal with the day-to-day changes and discuss those with the clients in order to do the necessary adjustments. Once again, if an SEO company is fond of making excuses in communicating, it’s about time to look for another one.
  • It should have a simple and transparent contract. It’s pointless to spend long hours making a contract that’s full of legalities. Ideally, these firms must provide a contract that’s only two pages long and contains contain a simple outline of the services they promise to render. A simple and straightforward contract is better than one that has a lot of terms and conditions.
  • It should have in-house SEO professionals. One thing that should be established between the client and the SEO firm is a working relationship. It is essential because the SEO firm must know what the clients want and what’s really best for them. That way, the SEO firm is giving the clients a clear advantage over their competitors. If there are SEO firms that have no in-house experts, they’re probably not that capable of achieving your most important optimization milestones! Trustworthy companies that offer SEO services have experts that can be contacted without hassle.
white hat techniques
  • It should rely on white hat techniques in performing SEO. Legitimate SEO companies also do legitimate SEO techniques in promoting a particular business online. Check the SEO company if they are performing spammy techniques for their SEO service. Most of the time, these companies provide website lists that they’ve worked on. From there, a business can easily identify if the SEO firm is really trustworthy or not. If the works look spammy, that is a clear sign that the firm is not doing things right.
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